Wednesday, September 11, 2013


"First thing" in the morning. It took till 4:30PM for the doc to come by and give his verdict. Assuming I hold stable, that's when I'm getting sprung.

There will be some changes. The diuretic I've been taking, and which I make up for by also taking potassium and magnesium, will be stopped. It is the most likely what's caused the A-fib. It works by stripping stuff from the blood but leaving it in the tissues, thus letting water build up in tissues but deplete in the blood. Interesting. And hey, no more peeing all morning.

The other blood pressure drug, same thing Steve is taking, will continue. A new med will be added to keep the heartbeat slow. He's prescribing something like what I'm getting in the hospital, but a cheaper version.

I could like this guy.

On the other hand, I need to cut back on salt. More chicken, fewer brats. More fresh, less canned.

No blood thinner now, but when I cease to control blood sugar by diet alone it'll need to be added, preventing clots leading to strokes. So add the usual fewer calories, more exercise.

Meanwhile Steve got a lift from a friend to the dealership to get my car home. As soon as I get home, back to work. And tonight Steve could go fishing, lucky guy.

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