Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not Fair!

Life isn't fair.

How many parents have told that to their kids? Siblings, particularly, are attuned to the fairness of their situation at any point in life compared to that of their brother or sister. Older children see the lack of responsibility demanded of younger, and younger concentrate on the privileges earned by the elder. Neither compares it to age but just to what is happening today. Eventually, maturity brings perspective.

Doesn't it?

Life still isn't fair.

Take a good friend of mine. She recently learned she has celiac disease. It takes a lot of adjustments, and the transition isn't perfect. As a result, many things wind up on the family table which she can't eat while the rest of the family can. Special foods for just Mommy are expensive. Many times she just goes without, there being no available substitute of the gluten-filled item.

This is an unfair situation in and of itself, but not the focus of this post.

She has been losing weight. Like most of us, she has had a few pounds to spare. But it's the how of the weight loss which is the point here. Most of us lose from the top down. The face thins, the boobs deflate and sag, and finally the belly and hips begin to shrink. Putting it back on, the procedure is the opposite. The body protects the lower fat stores.

Not so for my friend. Oh no. The scale says the weight is coming off. However, she's not following the pattern. In fact, she's actually increased a full cup size while shrinking the belly and hips! And they're not even sagging! Needless to say, her husband is delighted.

But I ask you: is that fair?

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