Sunday, September 22, 2013

Extraordinary... Redux

Friday, just a few minutes after logging in, dispatch called, telling me there was a run out of Grand Marais going to... a certain town in the northwest quadrant of the state. Go north.

Deja vu? Think you've read this before?

Perhaps you think it's sounding familiar when dispatch calls back again and announces a modest change of plans. The pick up point is now going to be Duluth, a certain UPS Store with a very familiar address. This has got to be the very same package I left there last night, only now they want it dropped off to Dr. M in person faster than UPS can do it, despite the scanned/emailed copy.

I bet it would surprise you even less to know this wouldn't be the end of the glitches. Practice ought to make perfect, but...

I'm in the construction zone on the top of the hill, just about to get the view of the harbor on this much nicer day, when dispatch calls with one last change in plans: cancel! It seems that a family member has decided to pick up the package and run it over themselves. No mention why now, why not yesterday, heck: why not Wednesday night when this whole thing was supposed to have started.

But hey, I'm officially in Duluth, so get paid for my jaunt up there. Almost the equivalent of a whole day's work, and I'll be back in the metro in plenty of time for more work. End result: about 4 days' income for a package that still been in my hand for only about ten minutes. And a story to boot.

Some days I just love this job!

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