Thursday, September 26, 2013

Premie Watch

Steve used to express disappointment about not being around to see his newest grandchild. He's going to be in Arizona when she's due in mid November. Now he's actually hoping that might be the case.

I blogged about her back on March 20, if you want to review. We'd just herd the news, but couldn't share and celebrate with the rest of the family because the parents-to-be hadn't let everybody know yet.  In intervening months, the sonogram revealed the baby to be a girl, and the parents picked out Serenity Ann for her name. As a fan of the "Firefly" saga, the name tickled me.

It's been a rough pregnancy. Krystal was constantly sick for the first several months. Now, that happened to me, but somehow I never managed to lose any weight. She, however, not in the least plump to start with, managed to lose 30 pounds. It was a major gain when, at her baby shower on the 14th, she'd gained 2 back. You had to know she was pregnant, or identify her by the corsage of lacy baby socks, because her belly was still smaller than mine was before I ever got pregnant. I just reminded myself the last two months are when the baby gains the most weight.

Monday the doctor informed Krystal the baby could arrive any time. The cervix is dilated and thinning. Tuesday night she went into labor. We consoled ourselves with the idea that her hospital of choice is United/Childrens, where the NICU is just down the hall. As I went to bed without having heard anything, I woke Steve the next morning to find out what happened. He got the call about 3:30 AM with good news. The hospital staff got Krystal calmed down and without medication the labor slowed and stopped. They sent her home.

So we're still waiting, and happy to be doing so. Every 24 hours is a victory. Each week is a triumph.

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