Wednesday, September 25, 2013


My physical therapist asked Tuesday how my PT had been going. I told her. In case you haven't been following, it hasn't. The latest exercises involve standing on one leg for long enough to do about a minute's worth of motion and holds with the other. Then it comes back down and the weight shifts.

Grind. Grind. Grind. Literally.

I tried doing them on my bed.  I figured, though they hadn't said, that the point wasn't seeing how long you could stand on one leg, or strengthening the lower leg and bending the knee, but the thigh/hip area. I was right. She was interested, enough to have me lie down on a padded table (?) and show her how I did them. She had suggestions, like a different position for the hips (keep them forward) or switch to my back instead of side for this one because it pulled in different muscles.

So, now I can do them, without the exquisite experience of standing on one leg and seeing how much grinding I can stand for no purpose.

Of course, there's the bit about figuring out just when. In the morning first thing, there's the mad dash for the bathroom, and then taking pity on the dogs for similar reasons, and on and on through the routine. I return to the bedroom to dress after my shower, but if I get all sweaty again then....

At night, I usually hit bed about ten minutes after I'm ready to drop, those ten minutes being what it takes for that last letting the dogs out and getting them in again, using the bathroom, taking bedtime pills, getting into PJs. There's no energy then. I'm usually awake long enough to remember to turn on my "allergy filter fan", aka my white noise machine before the head hits the pillow.

But I'll work on it.


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