Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smart Phones and Sex Partners

It was one of those news items this morning on MPR that I started to listen to partway through when it caught my attention. You know how it goes, half-listening, driving, thinking about the need to stop for gas. It can take a few key words to draw your full attention to what's being said, and there's no instant replay like on the DVR. So I didn't get just who did the research or where they posted it or....

But I did get the gist: iPhone users have more sex partners than the users of other brands of smart phones. More? At one time? In a short period of time? Over their lifetime so far? What are the parameters? Is there a cause and effect? Does having more partners lead you to using the iPhone? Or does having an iPhone attract more partners to you? And for heaven's sake, why?

So many questions. Will anybody get past the headlines and do the real research and answer some of them? Will anyone care if they do? Will every lonely techno-geek now switch to iPhone? Will iPhone use cause divorces, prima facia proof of infidelity?

But I did catch a few numbers. Brand X correlates with having an average of 3 partners, Brand Y correlates with having 6, and iPhone correlates with 12.3.

The final radio comment on the subject was that someone had tweeted in response that the .3 knew exactly who he was!

I was laughing so hard I forgot to lift the lever on the gas pump and had to stop a minute to figure out why I wasn't getting any gas.

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