Monday, August 30, 2010

The Campaign Ad

Our city newsletter is allowing all candidates for city office to put in a half-page ad to encourage votes. Here's mine:

I am dedicated to this city. I've lived in Shafer since '91, currently in a 3-generation household, and my fiance' has agreed that we will continue living here. When a developer left improvements undone in our neighborhood, meaning we all got assessed to finish the job, I ran for council to help insure future development was done right. During the 12 years I was first council member, then 2-term mayor, we developed standards and enforced rigorous development agreements that made sure development was a boon to all and not a hardship. I fought to keep taxes as low as possible in a time of rapid growth, make sure our ordinances met our changing needs, and were enforced fairly without favoritism. I've worked with the leaders of our neighboring communities to bring a new modern library to the area, and develop a joint long-range-plan for our growth. As mayor, I maintained strong working ties with city staff, both in-house and professional.

I strongly believe that all that experience matters in guiding the city forward as our economy changes and growth resumes. I also believe that listening to all sides of an issue and making sure the council has complete information before making a decision is vital. I bring the communication skills and temperament to facilitate all sides being heard in a calm manner regardless of how heated the issues become. My vision of the job of mayor is a lot of hard work, responsibility, and loyalty to what's best for the city as a whole. It takes both an eye on the details as well as on the big picture. I am very much looking forward to serving you again as mayor, and hope for your vote this fall

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