Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm sure he thought that was the position he held when he tried to tell me how I should drive. He had just passed me. I had been in the left lane, westbound on 94 approaching St, Paul, about to make a left exit in a couple miles. I was already going never-mind-how-much over the speed limit at the time, slowly easing past traffic in the center lane. Passing me meant he was going about another ten mph faster.

Ticketable, had there only been a cop watching.  Oh well.

He came quickly up behind me, giving me no reaction time, swung sharply right, passed, and swung sharply left again in front of me. While making this last move, he stuck his arm up and out his window, exaggeratedly pointing over the top of his pickup cab to the right. Clearly he thought I should have been in that lane, and he was the one to school me in how to drive.

I kept my eye on him for the next mile or so. Just before the road curved, he zipped across two lanes, causing brake lights from the cars in those lanes just behind the path he took. Yep, just another example of his superiority in driving judgement.

I think I'll continue to trust my own.

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