Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cat-Tard Follies

Yes, we love her, and yes, the nickname is not PC. But she's earned it. You've heard about her before: abandoned, half-starved, mentally handicapped for a cat, lacking many usual instincts, sees things that aren't there, runs into walls. She's in the family news again.

Steve recently moved his desk into the living room. The wall space opened up after clearing out the furniture and boxes heading to Arizona, and was finally cleared of the stuff that piled up just because the space was empty. Cat-tard noticed.

She walked into the room, stopping short with a "Hey, that's new!" reaction. Then she walked forward to check it out, failed at her try to climb it, and left the room. A few minutes later she returned, and... "Oooh, New Thing!" After exploring it, she again left. A few minutes later, "Hey, New Thing!" And again.

She's gotten used to it now, and isn't nearly so entertaining. But the tale lives on.

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