Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Leaving Town

Once the Minnesota House voted to pass Marriage Equality, it became almost a sure thing that we would - as proven true now - become #12 to have it. One of my favorite radio shows, glitches and all, the Nancy Nelson Show, read an article from an email about Michelle Bachman's response.

Appearing on KSTP, she talked about how God was going to punish Minneapolis and  St. Paul for promoting homosexuality, just like he did for Sodom and Gomorrah. She didn't know whether it would be with an earthquake, a volcano, or a flesh-eating virus. As she spoke a friend of hers in Eden Prairie had already packed up the household and family and was driving to Montana. Michelle didn't want to be the last to leave her family unprotected, and while she regretted leaving her constituents unrepresented, she was going to do the same thing herself.

Imagine the celebration. One caller even offered to help, due to Michelle's money problems after campaign violations investigations, to set up a Help-Michelle-Move Pac.

While this seems a bit over the top, even for Michelle, she's been so over the top so many times already, that nobody suspected what was soon announced, that it was all a hoax, published on a site with a reputation akin to The Onion.


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