Saturday, March 4, 2017

Politically Correct

There have been a lot of changes to society in the last couple of decades. Heck, society may have been changing - for the better, until recently - almost as rapidly as global warming!

Now, I know, unless you packed yourself away in a cookie jar and screwed down the lid, that you've heard them the same as I've heard them: all those people who've been whining and complaining about society pressuring them to become "politically correct". Maybe they think that's the proper term because a lot of laws have been changing and politics along with them.

But they're wrong.

What those folks are really complaining about is being pressured, against their natures, into becoming more humanely correct!

Next time you hear someone complaining about being told to respect another human, another animal, a piece of the planet, and calling it snidely "P.C." or "Politically Correct", understand just what they're trying to stand up for.

It's probably too much to expect enlightenment if you suggest it to them, however.

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