Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do As I Say, Not Do

We were just leaving the AZ MVD after stopping in to get Steve his own handicap hanger card. Mine expires soon, and I no longer qualify.

Unfortunately that meant a left turn onto a 6 lane 2-way very busy avenue with no light or other way to accomplish the task sanely. Moreover, its speed limit is 40 MPH. Down here that's considered a mandated minimum by far too many of the local drivers.

After waiting a while for what passes for a break in traffic, if you turn into the center yellow-stripped lane, I headed into that one. I had seen a white car back at the light a couple blocks back on the right side, but judged it safe, after double checking my side mirror, to move over into a real traffic lane. (My turn signal was on, of course.)

Apparently, she disagreed about my right to do so. She had sped up  into my blind spot in the process of passing me, laying on the horn with a long loud blast. I swerved back into the center lane, to let her by, before pulling back over.

Now ordinarily I would say this was traffic as usual. But as she passed, Steve and I both read her bumper sticker and burst out laughing. It read: "BE KIND"!

Apparently it only works one way. Good luck with that, lady.

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