Friday, March 10, 2017

How Bad Does the Treason Have To Get?

Another day, another handful of evidence: our so-called President and the cronies he's surrounded himself with are in bed with our enemies (start with Russia), himself is a pathological liar, a tad on the stupid side - enough to think he's really smart! - and a complete narcissist. Congress is doing less than nothing because the Republicons (yes, pronounce it that way) are so greedy about getting their agenda rammed through that they'll put up with anything crazy to get their way. Now we find out Turkey's gotten their bribes into the mix as well, and on and on and on.

If this were a Democrat in office, by now s/he'd have been impeached, imprisoned, possibly even drawn and quartered before the Supreme Court could have had a chance to intervene citing cruel and  unusual punishment. But it's not. Nothing appears to be happening, on the legal side, and it doesn't seem to be in the offing. Yes, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but can that do any good, in time?

Steve and I have been discussing this. For the two of us, it's been a pretty good life, and we agree that if something as unnecessary as a global war, nuclear catastrophe, or whatever it'll be, happens, we've had our run. Steve says he expects that an EMP could happen any day. It could even be something worse - or quicker - than that, in which case we at least won't be around to watch the end of civilization as we know it. Or the consequences of global climate change.

Since the powerful are raking in the profits while they can, and somehow figure they and theirs will survive whatever catastrophe, we don't see much of anything changing. Not for the better, for sure.

We both imagine, should the very worst happen, that Himself and his closest cronies will be hunkered down in a bunker somewhere, imagining something wonderful to step out into after whatever-it-is is all over. Heck, Himself will probably still be sitting there, tweeting, he thinks, to the world. Somebody, after all, would probably rig up something to fake "likes" coming back to him, prolonging the illusion that there's something still out there to come out to!

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