Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OK, So I'm Impressed

So, not only did they not drop any part of the tree on anything but the ground or parts previously chopped off, but after filling two trucks with its remains, all the way down to needles, cones and sawdust, and cleaning the back yard as well, all they left was a smooth front yard.

No stump bits poking up. Not even though we asked them not to go down and dig out the root remains, since it was only a pine tree which was never going to resprout, and I didn't feel like paying for that extra bit.

No brick ring around where the tree used to stand, a popular landscaping feature down here. I'd say it was to tell you where not to mow, but there's no grass. It may have been used to catch water and hold it in place until it could soak in to the roots, but it was decades past being useful for this tree.

Best of all, no hole. There had been a big one around the tree, inside the brick ring, one where any idiot crossing through the yard at night instead of staying on the sidewalk could have tripped, fallen, and sued us for whatever they broke in the process, now that there's no tree to divert traffic. No, by the time the crew left, the ground was leveled, rocks either moved or added, and no sign there had ever been a tree there.

It's been funny watching folks the last couple days. One fellow driving by yesterday was two houses past with his head cranked back around watching the action. Still moving, too, the idiot. A couple cars today have slowed way down going by, looking perhaps a bit lost like they were no longer sure where they were without that big landmark standing there anymore.

I bet we'll do that too. More than once.

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