Friday, February 24, 2017

Joke of the Day

This one comes your way from a Brit - a Scot, technically - who just came back to Sun City after a visit home.

Donald Trump went on a trip to Israel, returning the visit of their Prime Minister. During the visit, Trump died. The local undertaker promptly arrived. He spoke to those accompanying Trump, offering a local funeral, burial, the whole works, and would only charge them $100.

They asked, what about returning his body to the U.S.? That, the undertaker regretfully informed them, would cost $3 and a half million. They retired to a private corner to discuss their options.

Returning, they informed him that they had decided to return the body to the U.S. The undertaker was surprised,  repeating that he would only charge them $100, and that was going to include everything.

The entourage regretfully declined his offer, saying, "A long time ago another man died and was buried in your country, and he came back to life. We don't want to take any chance of that happening again!"

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