Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Macho Estupido?

I want it on the record: I tried to warn them. If it goes wrong, it's not on my head. So be it.

Our front yard pine tree has been turning yellow, brown. It needs to be taken down before it does on its own and does some damage. It leans out towards the street, where its generous shade provides two car lengths of wonderful shade, providing a favorite parking spot for untold strangers, and occasionally, if they get there first, some friends.

We got a decent price for its removal from the company who does the annual yard clean-up. Note that that consists mainly of removal of fallen pine cones and dead needles. This afternoon is when they started, felling the tree before cleaning everything up. That part, at least, makes sense.

I went around to the neighbors yesterday, warning them if they were expecting visitors today, that this would not be the spot to leave their car. I kept watch all through the day to make sure nobody had parked there anyway, because even though the high is forecast to be only in the low 70s, the sun still heats up cars pretty fast and shade is welcome. Nobody parked there.

Imagine my surprise when the yard crew rolled up and stopped - you guessed it - immediately under the tree they are taking down! I went out to talk to them, suggesting that it was both a stupid and dangerous place to leave their company truck. Their english was pretty good, but I still emphasized my point with "peligroso" and "estupido".

They, in turn, looked up the 40 or so feet of the old pine tree, and laughed. They assured me that nothing bad was going to happen to their truck. They'd be starting at the top, so whatever fell would not hurt their truck.  Even my, "Hey, stuff still happens," didn't faze them a bit.

So right now, the chain saw is roaring, and I see the bottom branches drop to the ground. Their step ladder only goes up so high. If they cut the top off from there, 2/3 of that tree will still fall. So, for the record, whatever happens, it's on them.

Good luck to 'em!

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