Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Narcissistic To The End

What would you like to hear the losers of today's election say after it's all over? Something maybe about working together for the good of the country? Perhaps a nod to the issues they have brought to the country's attention and their pledge to continue working on them? Maybe thanks to the American people for showing up to the polls and using their democratic rights/obligations to cast a vote?

Don't expect any of that from Trump. (Please, please, may he lose!) He's already been complaining about how awful our democracy is because the system is rigged. His opponent needs to go to jail for unspecified and unproven crimes. His followers should all go out and exercise their second ammendment rights to overturn this election. Yada yada yada: there's been plenty of news coverage of all of that spew.

But yesterday, in case you haven't already seen who he is, he made it quite clear that this has all been about him, him, him! He announced to his followers that if he loses, this whole thing will have been his biggest waste of time ever. Yeah, that's right: his time.

Completely ignoring how much he's been wasting this country's time!

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