Wednesday, October 26, 2016

And Continues....

Nope, "like" is still too strong a word. My relationship with my new computer is approaching tolerable. Approaching.

There has been some progress.

I tried to open my photo library and got told it was too old and would not convert. I needed to download some new update that would - far as I could interpret - reconfigure my photos so they could be read by the new computer. I started working on that yesterday. Epic fail. Times three. I didn't want to bother Ben again so soon, so I closed down and tried again this morning. Twice more. I still don't know what I did differently, but I did get a different result. A new window opened.

This one had more instructions in it, and after three tries or so I got the updated software downloaded. Then I was to go to something called a "go menu" in Finder and click on utilities. Nothing in my Finder that I can see expresses any interest in being identified as a Go Menu. But even I, by now, knew where to find Utilities, so I decided the name didn't matter so long as I got there and clicked on that. After that it was simple.

Sort of. I did find out that I had downloaded the updating software 5 times without ever seeing the green arrow I was told would appear to indicate success. So I spent a minute dragging 4 of them into the trash. Oh, along with another thing that downloaded twice from the other day. Then the conversion process took about half an hour, aka 18 minutes in computer speak. But really half an hour. After checking my photo library, I plugged in Time Machine and made a backup.

Having a bunch of newer pictures from this summer on my camera SD card, I put those in the computer too. Then this pesky window that I could not get rid of, announcing there were already improvements to add to my operating system finally persuaded me to add the damn thing. I now have Siri. Don't want it but I have it. There's supposed to be other stuff in there that I'm supposed to want as well. Half an hour (aka the usual 18 minutes according to the progress bar) later, it was ready for me to shut down and restart the computer.

Oh, somewhere in that process  it needed a new user ID and password. Oh sure, it might have taken the old ones, if there was still a living soul on this planet who knew what those were. So that was another set of hit-and-miss steps. And now there is one human who does know what they are and where that info is stored.  I took the time to check later and that password did not change the one that lets me open my own computer after I turn it on.

Finally something I can remember.

Of course, once that was done, it needed to be shut down and restarted, taking the usual 18 aka 30 minutes. (So-o-o-o glad I had nothing better to do all day. Well, there had been plans, but....)

Next was another Time Machine backup.

Have I mentioned we're getting solar on our roof? Of course not: too busy with computer crap. Initial contracts have been signed, credit score checked, guy up on the roof OKing its condition and the best places for the panels to go. We get their plan next week, and after our OK, panels go up in about 2 months.

So where does that fit in this tale?

They communicate mostly via email. Also by website, especially once billing starts. Today I got the email inviting me to set up my web account with them. I went through their process, finally clicked on their tab to log in with my email and their custom impossible password (to be changed later, of course), and got transferred to their login page. Tried again. And again. Got on the phone. Oops, sorry, this time it's their web problems, please wait and try it again tomorrow. By then my password will have expired, so its a whole new restart. But at least there's somebody else to blame.


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