Tuesday, November 29, 2016

So... Updates.

Some good, some not so.

Turns out I found the card proving my auto insurance paid for the tow to the tire  store. While I worked the craft show, Steve rode with the truck, found out we needed more than a plug, and ordered a new tire. It, of course, was in the warehouse. They shuttled him home, and finally got the tire in time to pick him up again for back to the store so that he with the car arrived home well after I did. My day out was 7AM to 5:something PM.

Yep. Beat. With another 4-hour shift the next day to follow. Add two days to mostly recover.

We thought we had good news when the tire company we used advertised a buy-3-get-4th-free deal, good through Monday. Turns out they didn't mean our tires. So we didn't get the other three replaced.

Steve's been a bit under the weather with the cold air arriving. It brought a 1/4" rain, along with enough wind to kick the bucket I set out to catch rain water not just over but unfindable until daylight. Maybe a rock in the bottom next time. But the back yard got pooper scooped before the first drops fell, whether I felt like walking any more or not. Welcome as the rain is, the cold air means that by the time he arrived at the center to play cards Monday night, a high point in every week, he was so chilled and achey he came right home again and went to bed. He's there again now instead of Tuesday's cards. And the furnace is finally officially "ON". Blankets and sweats are as well.

He got good news from his Doc. The shadow on his lung hasn't changed a bit since last year, so he's to check in again in another year. It may be scarring from Valley Fever, but if so it's old news, not ongoing. If something else, it's inactive for the last year. That's a relief.

I hit my cardiologist today, combining my semi-annual visit with the official OK for the cataract surgery. Tomorrow Solar panels go up, Thursday we head back to the surgeon for all the last info before surgery the next week. It can't come soon enough! As quickly as it came on, it's thickening more with a vengeance. That eye now can distinguish only extremes of light and dark. I can wave my own hand in front of that eye now, and already not only can't tell fingers, I can't see the hand moving.

It's annoying!

I can still watch TV, read, and pooper scoop with one eye, so I'm putting up with it, however grudgingly. However, without being able to detect even motion on that side, Steve is now our official driver. Thursday will be fun. He gets about 20 miles in full morning city rush hour. This from the guy who hates traffic, rush hours, and city driving. Give him a country lane to a fishing hole every time!

That's my guy!

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