Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Surfing the Corn

There is a cornfield on the south side of Hwy. 95. OK, there's a bazillion of them, I get it. You need better detail. This particular one is between mile markers 28 and 29, putting it a bit east of Princeton, MN. Its owners have a bit of whimsey.

Its corn is fairly tall for this miserable growing season. Nearby fields have large bald spots where heavy rains drowned rather than germinated the corn seeds. Stalks which actually survived in other fields are stunted, many yellowed. Even as relatively healthy as it is, the corn hasn't tasseled yet. But odds are good it is one of the very few this year that made the old standard of "knee high by the fourth of July." Many of its neighbors still haven't.

None of those things are what draws the eye to this field. Somebody drove a bunch of tall stakes into the ground in the middle of this field, and mounted on each in slightly differing positions and heights, black metal silhouettes of dolphins, backs arched, giving the illusion of a pod of them surfing their way playfully through the corn. It's almost tall enough now to hide the last of the stakes.

Check it out next time you pass.

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