Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Supremes Outrage

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..." Well, maybe Congress can't, not for lack of trying, but apparently 5 old Catholic men on the Supreme Court can! Keep your damn (yes, as literally as that can be meant) religion off my body, my reproductive choices, my interactions with my chosen doctor. And off those of my fellow women all over this country.

Hey, remember back when Dubbya was appointing justices and the catch phrase was "stare decisis"? It was supposed to mean that a judge/justice would follow previous laws and decisions, not wander off and start making new laws. Yeah, right, that pledge has meant a lot of nothing. Of course, following that principle back to the point of absurdity, though it was promoted as sounding like a good thing at the time, was the phrase "originalism". Back then we thought that nobody, but nobody, would take that all the way back to making negroes a fraction of a human, denying them, women, and non-property-owning men the vote, or rolling back everything else we consider progress in the last couple hundred years.

But here we are. Chip. Chip. Chip.

One of the guys claimed that birth control wasn't real healthcare. Ask all the women who've died in childbirth if they would have considered it "real" healthcare. Or the ones with endometriosis. Or the ones who got raped. Or any of the many hundreds of thousands with any other medical issue that makes birth control medically necessary. You want non-necessary medicine? How about Botox? Or, hey, Viagra? Now there's a non-necessary drug.

All you women out there who will be denied birth control because some supposedly religious boss thinks it's their business to get into yours, while not paying you enough to cover the now added costs - here's a suggestion: get all Lysistrata on their asses. Or as Nancy Reagan would -and did - say, just say "no!" No birth control? Simple. No sex. Then we might see just how necessary or not birth control, as decided between a woman and her doctor, really is.

Oh, and by the way, Hobby Lobby? There is absolutely nothing you have to offer in your stores, no matter how much I thought I might have wanted it, how difficult it may be to find an alternate source, that will ever entice me to enter one of your stores. Not even if you were the only bathroom in a hundred miles. Not even if it means standing outside and peeing on the sidewalk.

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