Friday, July 25, 2014

Some Further Comments

It's happening: my over-simplification of the problems between the Israelis and the Palestinians has been variously taken as support for one side or another, or failure to properly condemn one side or another, or failure to understand the problem. I can probably plead guilty to not understanding the problem perfectly. Who does? Experts may claim to, but if so, why does each of them see something different in it?

I could have chosen to spend a week rehashing history, pointing out every (OK, not every) wrong and right, going back centuries. My point was never to do that, just to accept that there is a lot of painful history and by now both sides believe - whether you and I agree or not - they have been hopelessly wronged. It would be practically impossible for both sides to meet the other sides needs. That is why it would take something as impossible as what I proposed to even have a chance at a solution, and if  there were a solution, it would likely last as long as the rest of the world could be kept out.

As the title said, it was a fantasy. Perhaps its only real purpose was in being more of a feel-better fantasy than how I imagine the situation really turning out. That is a truly black fantasy.

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