Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Patience Doesn't Pay

I bought the new car on Dec. 17th. Here on Jan. 21 I was still waiting for my new license plates. I was trying to be patient.

I had been checking the mail daily for a likely envelope. Nada. I had been eying the yellow slip in the back window wondering when a cop was also going to notice that it expired back on the 6th. Luckily, also nada.

I had even called the dealership just after the yellow slip had expired to ask if they had shown up, or how long I should be expected to wait. I heard they were taking about a month to show up, and if a ticket were issued, they would pay for it.

Yesterday I finally lost my patience and called again. This time the gal at the front desk wasn't there and I got the fill-in employee. She offered to actually check their list for me: what was my last name? When had I bought the car? After a couple of "hmmms"  there was an "ah!"

"Here they are. They arrived on Dec. 31." A short pause and she added,"Somebody should have called you."

Yeah, duh! I was close, checked in with dispatch, and headed over to get them installed.  I also noted that while she was checking in her book for my listing to overline it to show it had gone out, there were plenty of other plates even older that were not picked up.

Doesn't anybody get called?

I asked the person waiting on me to pass along my opinion to the person responsible for making those calls my recommendation for the application of a boot in a likely spot.

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