Friday, January 24, 2014

Brief Observation

I was delivering to one of those wealthy neighborhoods around Lake Minnetonka yesterday. By "wealthy" I mean huge wooded lots, huge homes, several outbuildings, long driveways, tennis courts. Apparently in this particular neighborhood it also meant placing deer statues - even an elk - in various places throughout the wooded areas, mimicking a local herd of deer.  No does. Trophy racks all, in a fine tribute to the egos of the property owners.

Now suppose you can get past the fact of their being all bucks in full mating headgear residing peacefully together. Suppose you can get past the fact that all are at full alert but looking in every which direction as if they had no clue from whence danger might come. Suppose you can even get past all their torsos being undefined, unmuscled, over-fat in the dead of winter, straight tubes.  The illusion of a herd of deer is somewhat marred by the presence of a foot of snow coating their backs.

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