Friday, January 10, 2014

Not a Disaster

I have another reason to love my Kindle. I was afraid I'd destroyed it.

Typically, while I'm working it sits on my front passenger seat, ready to be read during pauses in my day. Occasionally it gets covered by my clipboard, mapbook, napkins, and other collected crap during all the in-and-outs of my job.

It has been known to get overlooked when I'm packing up everything to head inside at night. Even when it might hit -20 below.

Yep, that happened.

I got my first oil change yesterday, even before my license plates have arrived. It's generally a great time to read for a few. But when I turned on the device, while the green light indicated it powered on, it immediately went out again, and the screen remained blank.

 I optimistically decided the cold weather must have drained the battery. I charged it overnight. The orange light indicated it was charging, staying on for hours. This morning I unplugged, and powered on.

Nothing. Just like yesterday, the green light flashed and went out. Blank screen. Try again. Nothing. Push in and hold. This time the light indicated it was turned off. Try again. Still nothing. I pulled it out of its case, inspecting carefully. Nothing visibly wrong, like perhaps a cracked screen or case.

Luckily I remembered that Amazon's website has a good Kindle Help section. I'd had a stupid-operator problem months ago and even got a phone call to assist in quickly solving it. I found a section for curing a frozen screen.

How literal.

I read what they said (hold in button for 20 seconds, until it powers off and on again) and gave it a try.


Thank you, Amazon. My 195 books are not lost, not is my bookmark for where I left off reading.


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