Friday, July 26, 2013

"Hot Wire Guy" Returns

Silly me, to believe telling somebody that they have the wrong number will actually bring an end to communication. Even the second time.

The first time, Wednesday evening, I sent that info just before I turned off the Blackberry. Thursday morning once I turned it on again, the reply waiting for me assured me that "he' (I'm guessing) knew I was coming over. However much I hoped he was holding his breath waiting for me - well, for whomever he thought I was - to show up, he survived long enough to start texting me again this afternoon. I recognized the number.

"I need you now"

Yeah, I'll just bet you do. I can come up with several ways you might mean that, buddy, but would you freak if you knew you were waiting for a card-carrying member of the Medicare set? (Yes, my card arrived, can use it in 35 days.) But I don't feel like explaining all that to a stranger.

"This is still a wrong number. You do get that, right?"


"Thank you. Good luck finding the real number you're looking for."

I'm trying to be polite, heaven knows why. Training, I guess. Mom would be proud. But good, now I can get back to work. But as soon as I think that, the red light blinks again.

"Come on over now."

How dim is this bulb? Come over? Yeah, to where? Nevermind, I'm not budging,  even if I knew. It is so-o-o not going to happen. Maybe I need to be more direct.

"What part of wrong number don't you understand? Trying to be polite, but PLEASE GO AWAY."

I waited. Nothing. Flipped back over to the work app, and... blink. blink. blink. Now what?

"I sorry"

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