Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Roadside Attraction

Somewhere along Hwy. 169, following along the top of the Minnesota River Valley on the way between Jordan and Le Seuer, there's an apple stand. It's actually way more than an apple stand. I popped in once on a trip through the area on a delivery, and while spending 5 minutes scanning the merchandise, and though it was harvest season, I never managed to find the apple section.

The place is huge!

But despite my lack of finding them, the place is attached to an orchard. And in addition to being huge and painted bright yellow just so we can find them, they put out giant signs to advertise. It might be about how many dozen kinds of licorice they stock. It might be which variety of apples are in. It might be when the season starts or ends. But right now, still early summer, they just want our anticipation of the season to come.

Last week the sign notified us that apples were currently the size of large golf balls.

Wait a sec: are there different sizes of golf balls? Are not golf balls, in fact, "regulation" size? Sort of like very specific parameters so nobody can cheat in the game, or at least not that way. So what size, exactly, are large golf balls? And don't tell me the size of little apples, wise ass.

I passed them again yesterday. Now the apples, they proudly announce, are the size of ...wait for it ... little apples.

I can't wait to see how big they've grown next week.

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