Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Answer for the NRA

You've probably heard about their latest obnoxious ad by now. It's the one that asks whether Obama's kids are more important than yours. They're protected by armed guards (aka the Secret Service, and protected by law), so why shouldn't yours be? More guns everywhere make us safer, right? If you agree, they've accomplished their goal of getting you to go buy  more guns, supporting their true interests, the manufacturers, not their members.

First, the ad presupposes that our instinctive reaction to their opening question is a "no". But they suppose wrong. Are Obama's kids more important than mine? Absolutely yes!



First, think about what I'm not saying here. I'm not saying they're more loved than mine. I'm sure we each love our kids dearly. I'm not saying they're better or more valued as human beings than mine. They're not cuter, smarter, more talented, nicer, or whatever than mine. But none of those things were what the opening question was in that awful ad.

And yes, they are more important. As much as I love my kids, and as tragic as it would be if something happened to any of them, nobody can hold my kids hostage in order to topple a government, start/end a war, or change the course of a nation. I'm not the President. Obama is. For that alone, his kids are more important than mine. And yes, the children of the President of the United States deserve and need armed guards 24/7/365.

Our nation depends on it.

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