Friday, September 14, 2012


I see a lot of some things in my job: seasons rolling by, weather changes, bad driving, industrial and commercial buildings, wildlife, industrial parks, insides of commercial buildings, poorly worded signs, public restrooms, and lately, nursing homes.

This particular one was Jewish. After making my delivery, I headed for the restroom on my way out. The sign was just a bit different. It advertised restrooms and kosher vending machines.

While I'd never thought about the need for such things, it seemed obvious there would be once I saw the sign. It was your basic "duh!" moment.

Personally I'm glad my own belief system doesn't require me to keep to those strict dietary laws. It's nothing to do with religion. Not only are they a whole lot of work, the expense of a second kitchen or a divided kitchen with duplicate equipment is something I'm just as glad not to need. And just keeping up with carbs is enough work, thank you very much.

My curiosity peaked, I opened the door to the alcove, wondering what would be in a kosher vending machine.


It does make sense that a non-meat, non-dairy product (some would say non-food) wouldn't violate kosher laws.  But does somebody have to go to the factory and make sure? And why does it need the label? So I'm trading one puzzled that I never knew I had is solved, for another one waggling its fingers at me.

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