Friday, August 3, 2012

Tidbits From One Day

Truth In Advertising

I saw a sign today that stopped me in my tracks. Literally. Well, maybe the red light did the actual stopping, but I did pull over after getting closer to the sign, get out, and take a cell phone picture of it for proof.

There is a gas station in Minneapolis on 46th street between Hiawatha Ave. and Minnehaha Park. Prices have been climbing again lately, but I hadn't realized how bad until I read the sign.

Unleaded  $3.65
Super Unleaded WOW

*   *   *   *   *

Wedding Card

One of my new granddaughters - via Steve of course - is getting married tomorrow. It was my task tonight to pick up a card. I went through a plethora of sappy ones, inspiring ones, boring predictable ones. Then finally... OMG! A funny wedding card! I hope Hallmark won't mind my describing it to you.

Picture a wedding party, all standing together as if posed for a formal group portrait. Only in this card you get to see into everybody's thought bubbles. The flower girl is hoping she'll get lots of candy for this. The ring bearer is wondering where the ring is. Maid of honor thinks the best man is a dork, and he's thinking she's really got the hots for him. One of the bridesmaids is planning to catch the bouquet this time, another thinks her dress makes her butt look big. The groomsmen are thinking the tuxes are uncomfortable and they're never getting married. Opening up the card, the bride and groom are both thinking how completely, incredibly happy they are. The caption under them reminds them it's their day: forget the drama, remember the love.

This, of course, was my pick.

*   *   *   *   *

All Coming Together

With so much packed and so much chaos, it's been a challenge to figure out what to wear tomorrow. One top won't do because the neckline and my current bras don't line up discretely. That may be fine for folks 40 years younger who learned their "style" from Madonna, but no. I still hail from those strict injunctions that nary a dab of lace (as if I still wore that) must show. Ever. The pants I think will work for the wedding still have to be tried on. Yeah, a bit late, but... blame too many 14 hour workdays. Anyway, they were bought before I lost a lot of weight. They were actually ordered online from the store because the size that fit came in the wrong color. The right color arrived too small to wear, so I'm hoping they'll fit now, and without a belt. I have none. As for shoes - well, just don't look at my feet, OK? There is no meeting of comfortable and dressy in the world of women's shoes. Actually, there is no meeting of comfy and women's shoes, period. I shoe shop in the men's department. Comfy will probably trump the day.

Ahhh, but what about a necklace? I know what I've worn with this black silk shirt before, but I just got a nice new pendant in the mail the other day, and it's been singing its seduction song to me since. It's a black druzy plume agate, meaning black with white feathering - not banding - through it and a central opening lined with white crystals. The thing is, it's mounted in a gold setting.

I bead in sterling silver.

That's where my head's been stuck at for a couple days. You'd think I could figure something out, wouldn't you? After all, even the bride is getting one of my necklaces as part of the wedding gift. I can do that and not make something for me?

Suddenly I remembered a few glass beads that came in a flat of beads I picked up at an auction a few weeks back. Much of what was in the flat was junk:  plastic beads, cheap wannabe crystals, base metal findings, etc. They were set aside for beading with the littler granddaughters, once I get time and some elastic beading string. But one of the things I tossed then reclaimed on second look was a bunch of glass beads, barrels in clear glass with gold and black running through them. Not high quality, but they possessed a certain something.

Suddenly while driving tonight it clicked into place: the pendant, those gold-plus beads, silver spacers, black & white regular agates, white crystals... It'll be a great way to integrate gold and silver in the same necklace.

Considering that we're wanted at the church at noon tomorrow, I think it's time to go get busy.

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