Monday, August 13, 2012

Need A Copy?

It started with a text, from Rich, to Steve, for me. (I disabled texting on my cell once telemarketers got the number, and actual cell calls Rich has to pay by the minute for on his plan.)

Would I call the Austin members of the family and let them know he was in town at the fair and which booth to find him at?

Of course.  See

I texted back, via Steve, which cousin I contacted,  the offer to stop by, and her willingness to notify the rest of the local family.

Next day, another text: Could I call that cousin and ask her to get a copy of the local paper? He'd been interviewed by them, wanted a copy.

Well, why bother her with it? I had Steve get me their phone number so I could call the paper and order a copy sent to the house. On second thought, make that two: one for me and one for him. $3 and done. Plastic is great.

Five minutes later, Steve calls. Rich has texted don't bother with the papers, he's gotten three copies. His interview is on the front page.

OK, but just a little late. Oh well. Stuff happens, and this way there'll be copies here, safe and intact.

Today a little envelope arrived in the mail. Return address is one of the Austin cousins. Inside is a card with a quick little note that she stopped to visit Rich, only for a minute because he was so busy.

Enclosed was a clipping for me of the article with his interview.

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