Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If He's Superman...

The business had two reserved parking spots at the front door. Neither for me, of course. In fact, the only empty space, the handicapped one, was halfway down the building. I pulled up semi-illegally in the fire zone.  Of the two reserved spaces, one had the company name on it. The other sported a sign reading, "Superman Parking Only. All others will be turned over for justice."

The vehicle inhabiting the place of honor was a honking big black Hummer. As I passed it, carrying my package in, I noticed that the tires were big enough I could probably take a bath in one. Well, my knees would have to cooperate better than they have been lately, because I really couldn't stretch out inside one. But huge.

Must belong to the boss. One doesn't mess with one's boss. But then, he wasn't my boss.

I couldn't resist. As I approached the receptionist, I informed her, "I have an impertinent question for you."

Her smiling inquiry,"What?" was all I needed.

"If he's Superman, why does he need a Hummer?"

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