Friday, July 23, 2010

Still Unamerican Airlines

I gave the after-five-days-lost guys a call this morning. (If that confuses you, read yesterday's post.) This guy had a slightly less thick accent than the other people I'd been dealing with. No judgments here, except perhaps that the airline is going for the cheapest labor pool available.

I explained my problem and the frustration of having a child all on her own half a world away getting stuck with this problem. At least his apology sounded sincere, not the I'll-say-the-words-so-you-go-away apology I got last night. But that was the last good part of the phone call.

First, when I explained I had been informed the suitcase had been dropped off at the hotel, he checked the file and insisted that it wasn't possible as the suitcase hadn't even been found yet!


I would have to fill out a claim.

Wait a minute. Jordan already did that. It's why I have a file number on the suitcase.

Oh, but this claim is for the contents of the suitcase.

Hey, I didn't pack it, I have no idea what went in it, and I have to wait until mid-August for her return to find out what all she packed. Communication is kind of an issue where she is, you know.

Nonetheless, he'd have to send me a form. Did I have a fax?

Oh yeah, right, sure, everybody has a fax at home. Get real. Don't you have email?


Wow! Really? How backwards is this place you work? I recited my street address for him.

He said he would have to call the airport and see if they had the suitcase.

Wait, it was lost on the 6th and you haven't called them?

Now where would you like the suitcase sent to if we find it?

Well, that kind of depends on when you find it, doesn't it? This week she's in Thailand, the next two she'll be in Cambodia, and I don't have any addresses or anything.

Do you have the phone number of the group she's with?

Not with me, but you can look them up online and get one. You do have internet there, right?


So he got my phone number, and if they find it, they'll call and I'll give them the latest where-to-send-it info.

I'm just not holding my breath.

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