Saturday, June 4, 2016

Update: Valley Temps

Remember my saying they keep upping the forecast for the next few days' heat wave? Today's (Sat.) morning news has 116 for Phoenix. However, out in the west valley, it's 117 here in Sun City, and 118 in the neighboring community of ... wait for it .... Surprise!

We've brought the dogs' water dish into the dining room. Can't stand to be even as far out as the lanai while they decide whether or not to scarf up a drink. When they do need to go out, we keep an eagle eye on them so as soon as they finish what they're there for, we call them and all go right back inside.  After all, even at our late bedtime, it's only dropped to 100. They have learned that the rocky bits of the back yard that are just inches out of the shade have heated up enough to hurt their feet. Yesterday Fred backed up into the shade again, lifted his leg in a new hastily chosen spot... and walked through his new puddle on  the way back into the house!

Gee, thanks, guy.

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