Tuesday, March 15, 2016

From an Empty Mind

This morning we had just enough energy to make it to the grocery store. The route now passes through a construction zone.  Including the dumb-joke-of-the-month sign (Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he Neverlands!), the only thing of note was a sign reading "Do Not Follow Truck".

We tried to give it some thought. Honest, we did. Noting our road was down to one lane each way, we asked each other, what if the truck is going our way? Do we have to turn? And if so, can we turn back on to the same road? The same way? How long do we have to wait before turning?

We noted that vehicle ahead of us is an extended cab truck. Does that count?  The sign didn't specify. How about dock trucks? 18-wheelers? Garbage trucks? Dump trucks?

How long ago does it make a difference if the truck was going down our road? Five minutes? Half an hour? Who is responsible for knowing that information? Who is responsible for getting that information to us? What if they won't share? Does it mean getting away with it if the cop following us to give us a ticket is by definition also illegally following that same truck?

No wonder we don't get out of the house much. Mornings are difficult.

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