Thursday, March 17, 2016

Finding Steph Again

For the third time now, Steph has moved her blogging address. Her first site was what actually got me started in blogging, part of its generalized stated purpose. It was called Quiche Morraine. Sorry, been so long I no longer have the URL. (Or maybe it's the drugs.)

Then she move to one she named Almost Diamonds, and the reason I recall with absolute certainty that its a different URL than her most recent Almost Diamonds, is that I renamed her newest under my favorites column as Almost Diamonds 2.

 That newer version has resided for several years at Freethought It was a perfectly acceptable home, I suppose, garnering lots of traffic for her, and once after a referral to something I wrote garnered 532 hits for me (!), but still not quite perfect. From my perspective as a regular reader, the ads became a pain in the neck, fingers, you name it. I always had to go over and X out the side ad which pushed all her text off the page. If I hit a link into another article of hers, I had to do it again. Chopping chunks out of the middle of her blog were thumbnail links for worst plastic surgery mistakes, ugliest animal faces, newest miracle food or suddenly discovered worst possible foods to eat for X, or whatever freak show that could expose more eyes to a new plethora of ads. After I cleared my screen ready to sign off, there were always a couple of smaller windows which had been hiding there behind my search window waiting to grab my attention.

For any of you who may have gotten lost along the way, or never started following her to begin with, her latest move is much more subtle in the advertising department. In fact, it's so subtle that so far all I see is text. Her text.


So look for her at:

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