Monday, March 3, 2014

Who Do You Believe?

OK, "whom". Whatever.

Last Valentine's Day there was a duplex fire in Minneapolis. It started on the second floor. The residents were a widowed father and his seven children. When wakened, he gabbed two of his children and jumped out the window. The stairs were fully involved by then, preventing him from returning to rescue the other five, although he tried.  Those five children died. The two daughters he rescued are recovering. He himself was just recently released from the hospital, and the funeral was finally held, with a lot of community support.

Information about the cause is dribbling out in pieces. The duplex was recently updated with regards to some fire regulations, and was relicensed by the city. The cause has not been determined, though a lot of indications point to a space heater in the living room which had been used for several days. It now looks like a melted puddle of metal.

The father reports his living space was cold. Radiators were not working, and in order to help keep his family warm, he used both the space heater and kept the oven on. The kids were still bundled up while spending time at home.

The father says he complained to the landlord about the lack of heat. The landlord says he never heard about it. He says/he says.

Whom do you believe?

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