Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mission Impossible X2

I don't normally fall in love with the packages I deliver. So I never thought it would be difficult to turn one over. But today it was impossible to avoid falling in love. The package needed to be dropped off at the airport on its way to California. The cargo? A German Shepard puppy about 10 weeks old.

The other task I had wasn't quite impossible. Just close. But it might have been.

I committed to going to Serenity's baptism on Sunday. Steve can't make it, and in fact hasn't even seen her yet, so I'm going and plan to get a couple pictures. I'm not sure what all the etiquette is for these things, other than general respect during the service and good manners during the reception, including not bothering to mention my own strong lack of religious views. Color me agnostic regarding faith, with my belief centering around the idea that The Church has a lot to answer for. So for sure that's going to stay out of the discussion Sunday.

But I did decide to look for a baptism card. I wasn't sure there even was such a thing. I've gotten cards for birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, holidays, wedding and baby showers. Never for a baptism. In about 5 double-sided aisles of greeting cards, I did finally find them. All 6. That includes the ones which use the word christening instead of baptism.

The impossible part? Finding a baptism card that wasn't so religious it made me want to barf. I'm sure you appreciate the irony. But I did finally settle on one which addressed the joy the baby brings and the duties of the parents, and managed to mention God only once.

It's a bonus that it's pink.

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