Thursday, November 7, 2013

Premie Watch: Over (Revised)

One little girl has been giving her family a run for their money. I'll refer you back to  my Sept. 26 posting, when my newest granddaughter made her first attempt to arrive in the world.

It wasn't her last. Mom has become a regular arrival in the hospital. Each time the family call goes out, but each time Mom has been sent home again. One particular scare included the worrying addition of an irregular heartbeat by the baby, but it got solved and - yet again - Mom was sent home, baby snug and safe, to hang out and grow some more.

The family started laying bets on her actual arrival date. Steve had picked 11/8. I figured if she'd hung around through all the hooplah this far, she'd confound all of us and show up a week late.

Tuesday the story repeated. This time even the nurse in the hospital thought it was finally the real deal, but Mom wound up getting sent home again. I figured the kid found out what the weather was doing - snowing - and decided to heck with that nonsense, she wasn't gonna show up in that crap.

Yesterday (Wednesday) evening on Facebook Daddy was expressing his frustration that yet again the cycle repeated. How much more of this could he stand? We all agreed it'd be as much as it took. About an hour later the posting came through that Mom's water broke in the ambulance on the way back to the hospital. (So who's doing the posting anyway and just where are they?)

Finally! We now knew it was for real. Since at least back when Paul was born, the standard was 24 hours maximum between breaking water and delivery. The goal was minimizing complications, including infections.

About ten minutes later Steve called. Serenity didn't wait for the hospital, but arrived in the ambulance. (Before the hospital could send her home yet again, eh?) We're awaiting the details on size, weight, and all that good stuff, as well as just when it'll be a good time to swing by and meet her.

Details: Born a little before 9:30 PM, in the ambulance, stopped on the Lafayette Bridge in St. Paul for the event. Yes, they blocked one lane of traffic on a bridge already complicated by ongoing construction. She weighed in at 5 lbs, 9 oz., and was 19 1/2 inches. Her pictures are all over Daddy's Facebook page. She looks especially tiny compared to him.

Welcome to the world, baby girl!

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