Saturday, November 9, 2013

Louisiana School "Science"

This little tidbit over the radio had me ROTFL yesterday. The topic was what's going on in the Louisiana public schools with regard to teaching evolution and the so-called alternative, creationism. Both are now being taught, by recent law, as if both have equal value in a science course. It's Christian creationism, of course. Who'd teach Native American beliefs about a giant turtle being the creator in any Louisiana public school? Or any other beliefs, for that matter?

One woman who moved to Louisiana from California recently had been checking out schools for her family. She was looking for some real science, wanting her children to grow up well enough educated to get into a top college if they chose. The only schools she found where creationism was not part of the curriculum were the Catholic schools!

And in case you were wondering, they're open to non-Catholic students: Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, even atheists. You just need money.

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