Friday, August 23, 2013

Another Cute Ad

You know I pull no punches when it comes to awful ads. But I can also give kudos when I think it's earned. This time those kudos are earned by the ads using Paul Bunyan, and even Babe the Blue Ox, for promoting the new MNSURE campaign promoting what many call Obamacare. The theme is land of 10,000 reasons to need health care.

You see a (mock) statue of Paul in a variety of accidents. Skiing results in him on his back straddling a tree, or walking into a tree and falling over backwards. He's on crutches with an IV tube and in a hospital gown, and on and on. By far my favorite involves a pile of sawdust at his feet caused by a woodpecker whittling away at his head. They are clever and funny. There may not be 10,000 of them, but there are a lot, and each makes a point.

Apparently, they are also controversial. The Mayor of Bemidji has taken offense. Bemidji claims Paul and Babe as its beloved mascots. It seems they are also sacred, untouchable, and never to be taken lightly as they are in this series of ads.

Really? Seriously?

Could that umbrage really be directed at the fact that the ads are working? I could almost suspect I smell a Republican.

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