Tuesday, August 6, 2013

All the Drama, None of the Excitement

It's been a weather day. For some, a WEATHER DAY. I've been watching clouds grow, darken, spread tops, drop rain, shed lightning bolts, move on. Weather announcers informed us of Tornado Watches, Tornado Warnings, Severe Weather Watches and Warnings, changing timelines, tracking locations, measuring hail, reporting downed trees over power lines.  Yeee Haaa, let 'er rip!

Me? I've spectated. To be sure, it's kept me awake. No yawning behind the wheel. Not today.

I even managed to drive into one severe storm location. Once there, the streets were wet, already starting to dry in traffic areas, with the blackest clouds, the ones still dropping everything they could manage, just north a mile or so, or already off to the east. Not one drip for me to use my wipers on.

When I made my delivery to the nursing home, I arrived when the staff had plenty of time to attend to locating the proper person qualified to sign for the heavy-duty meds I brought. They had just finished getting all the residents back in their rooms after bringing them into the central hall for the tornado warning. It had canceled a few minutes before my arrival.

The next serious wave of storms followed discretely behind me all the way home, arriving politely a half hour after I unloaded the car and sat down with the computer.

I'm trying to decide just how disappointed I really am.

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