Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Armed? With a Sidewalk? Are You Shitting Me?

There's a whole lot of stupid out there these days. I'm not just talking about flat-top fades coming back in. Nor about some of the highly questionable decisions that the Supremes have come out with recently. (Did you notice the Voting Rights Act just got gutted?) Or the refusal of Congress to take any kind of action beyond pointless attempts to repeal "Obamacare" and human rights for women.

Yesterday opening arguments started in the George Zimmerman trial. Now if you don't recognize that name by now, put yourself on the list in the top paragraph. Or as an alternative, Google him.

I freely admit I'd be a terrible juror in that trial. I've long since decided on his guilt, and am working on a suggested sentence. Not that it matters. But his attorney is annoying me. Start with his need to tell a really bad knock-knock joke to inject some levity in a murder trial, like that's a good idea.

But he's trying to neutralize the difference between the two with the killer being armed with a gun and the victim being armed with... Skittles, ice tea, and a cell phone. Oooohhh, scary! He looked suspicious to Zimmerman, guilty of the terrible crime of WWB - Walking While Black. So the guy with the gun stalks him with his truck, and against police instructions, gets out and confronts Trayvon, with a result of a 17-year-old kid winding up dead. Supposedly the provocation by Zimmerman is irrelevant, because Trayvon finally exercises HIS rights to stand his ground, and defends himself with his hands against the guy with a gun. That is Zimmerman's supposed justification for calling on his idea of the Stand Your Ground law. The two are so absurdly inequal, it's amazing the case isn't a slam dunk.

But this plucky defense attorney has the gall - or the insanity - to argue that Trayvon was actually armed too: with a sidewalk! It's as if he used a brick, that's what this clown claims. In this, he actually does inject the humor he tried for at the beginning of his speech. For can't you just see this kid-turned-Incredible-Hulk ripping up a length of sidewalk and whipping it around Zimmerman in a preemptive strike?

What? You can't?

Funny, I can't either.

Just a whole lotta stupid goin on out there.

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Nolaborne said...

Following the trail. What sticks with me is that GZ was ask to stay in his car. If he had just done that we would not be where we are today and Trayvon would be alive.