Friday, April 12, 2013

Chomping At the Bit

24 hours to go! Before leaving for Arizona, of course. There's still a day of work to get through, but I'm mostly ready. More than ready to get out of this lingering winter crap! Solid white everywhere again! Ick! Ick! ICK!

The boxes of southwest pottery I've been collecting are stacked in piles in the living room. They've been indexed on the computer, so when I get down there they can be labeled for display so they don't have to be handled for somebody to know originating pueblo and artist. Interspersed in the piles are travel food (jerky, peanut butter, gallons water, etc.), bathroom rugs and a shower curtain, X-mas presents needing a southern home, even a doggie blanket to keep Fred comfy for the return trip with Steve. Buried under and behind all that are the spare boxes of cedar boards to go in the closet, leftovers from lining my bedroom closet here. They won't get installed this spring, but  just having them in the closets there will still discourage bugs while we're gone. A generous supply of sticky-boards goes down to trap invading mice. We already know we had one, so these will go out in all the likely spots before we close up the house. Not till after Fred's out of the way, though.

In the window is a box with a pair pf small ponytail palms to be planted next to the house down there. (The big 35-year-old one is still looking dead, neglected on the deck before the move last fall.)  Like the water, with weather being as cold here as it is, they don't go into the car until tomorrow morning. The box has an open top so light can reach them for the trip.

My room holds my carry-on with clothes, toiletries, the latest pottery books to read, and tonight will have this laptop and charger added. Yes, it's heavy. Maybe I'll rethink some of those books. Next to it is the Nikon. Steve and I plan on a little touring with photo ops down there. My clothes for tomorrow are already laid out as well.

The boys will load the car tonight, so nobody has to wake early tomorrow besides me. Today before work I'll hit my favorite oil change place, taking care of both that and a tire rotation before I even log in to work. With all the late nights they're always closed before I can get free, and mornings are rush-rush. I'm just putting my foot down and taking the time this morning so I don't have to lose time tomorrow. Once home tonight I'll watch Blue Bloods and Grimm if possible, or if late, ask Steve to tape them for me to watch down there. I also want to get to bed early-ish.

My only goal tomorrow is to get as far away as fast as possible, away from the snow, closer to Steve!!!!!!!! If all goes well, there'll be a reunion Monday night. Chomp! Chomp!

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