Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bringing Spring Back

That's what we're optimistically trying to do anyway. It was in the low 90's as we pulled out of Sun City. I won't tell you all we forgot, but it includes Steve's warm jacket, and boy is he missing it! It was on the list, but, well, he got super efficient and packed the list.


Going down to 18 tonight here in Raton, New Mexico. Snow is on the ground. Last night was much nicer. We ended up in Monument Valley with no reservations. Memo to all: do not try this. If visiting a very famous place in the middle of nowhere, without reservations, without good cell coverage, and without unlimited funds, well, bless all y'all's hearts. We finally found a place which takes dogs. The only one within who knows how many miles. Nevermind the price. The alternative was driving over a hundred miles when we were already tired. I'll just say it wasn't the $220 + tax that staying in Monument Valley would have cost. And the hot breakfast was really good.

Tonight it's Motel 6, and while they may have left the light on, they turned off the heat and made the wi-fi impossible to access. Or nearly, as proven by my typing this. Breakfast will be under the golden arches.

The plan is Greeley tomorrow, a sentimental journey for Steve with lots of pictures to be taken. Then heading for home by sometime Friday, dragging every moleule of warm weather we can along with us. It's practically May, ya know.


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