Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bah Humbug

It's finally over. Hooray. It hasn't been a great Xmas.

It hasn't been that horrible either.

The worst part, of course, has been leaving Steve in Arizona and returning to Minnesota. Home. Family. Friends. Snow. Ice.  All in all a mixed bag, one I've spent 60 years in. Had the family not lived outside just Atlanta for nearly 4 years when the kids were small, I wouldn't have considered an alternative. Had my folks not turned into snowbirds during their retirement, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Arizona.

While global warming is making winters here milder, I am growing to hate them more. Each fall there is a point where the realization of impending winter puts a chill over my spirit. This year it didn't happen. It was to be different. The chill came much later, once things weren't to be so different after all.

It will be again. Just not yet.

I haven't been in a position to host my traditional Xmas family dinner. Steph held it instead and I am grateful. The new extended family held theirs at the same time and I wasn't able to attend. I missed that after participating for three years. It matters not a whit that I would have missed both of them had I stayed in Arizona. I still went dragged into the season kicking and screaming.  Bah humbug!

No tree went up, though there's a little fiber optic one in the basement.  Presents were packaged but mostly not wrapped, at least those not already given before departing for Arizona. Cards and letters were sent out, though late enough most arrived after the day.

It's behind now. Time for looking ahead. Work, the reason for the return, is going well. People tell me I'm appreciated. This week end there'll be a "normal" check deposited into the bank. The following week a CD will be cashed in, credited to 2013, and taxes and bills will be paid down. It'll be time for starting again, building back the resources, planning the vacation/reunion.

Planning. That's a good thing. A new year is coming. I'm ready for it.

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