Monday, June 18, 2012


This one I've been seeing versions of all around town this spring and  now into summer, but the one last week really caught my eye: Huge Kid Sale....Boy Girl .....(street address). Three lines, no punctuation. Every time I see one of those, I wish I had the time to locate the address, stop, and hold a conversation something like this:

"Hi. How about this weather, eh? Say, if you're sure this kind of sale is not illegal, I'd like to actually see  how huge the girl is before I buy her. Are we talking huge-tall or huge-fat? How much you want for her, by the way? I assume you've got the papers for the transfer?"

*   *   *  *

I'm not sure why everybody wants to sell their garage this time of year. Is it just because the snow's gone and they don't think they're gonna need it for a while? I'd consider it, but there's no room left on my lot, according to city codes for setbacks. Why don't folks just convert their unwanted garages to extra bedrooms like we did and gain some equity in their houses? Think of all the problems it might help solve with under water mortgages.

*   *   *   * 

Kudos on these signs. I started seeing the billboards a little over a week ago. They're all bright yellow, and feature a single word or a very short sentence in black lettering. No product name. Text might be "smile" or "simple" or even "first finger food". Thing is, the dot on the "i" or the period at the end is a Cheerio.


And even bigger kudos to General Mills for coming out against the proposed Minnesota constitution amendment banning gay marriage. I'm gonna keep buying and eating Cheerios.

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