Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mixed Reviews

Mickey D's. That's the ice cream my diabetes nutritionist prefers for me. Nevermind that Klondike bars are tastier. Nevermind that Klondike portions are reliable, not larger or smaller depending on the whims and skill of the employee behind the window. Nevermind that I can get 6 bars for $2.98 to $3.28 at WalMart. That's what she prefers I have when it's ice cream time.

So, occasionally I hit their drive-through line and order a cone. For a splurge, I'll make it a hot fudge sundae. With nuts, please. I'll especially hit them if I'm working late and ice cream time will be long passed by the time I make it home.

They used to offer chocolate as well as vanilla, and the best cone was the twist, combining both flavors. Then they backed off that and only offered vanilla for years. I was so disappointed that I basically quit ordering cones there. About a year ago I discovered a branch that offered chocolate! Yeehaaaa! Unfortunately, I'm never in that area when it's ice cream time. So I've been delighted that suddenly lots of branches are offering chocolate again. It's not on their order board, and you have to ask. But a few are even offering choice of flavors and dropped the price to $.59! I expect that'll last at least a week.

Mostly, though, they have another ice cream promotion: chocolate dipped cones. $1.49. I thought I'd try one the other night, on my way out back of beyond with a late delivery. (Late for me. The run was on time.) The reviews from that one sample are mixed. I'm still deciding if I want another one.

One the positive side, the chocolate coating is absolutely delicious, really dark and rich-tasting, not at all waxy and bland like so many are. With every bite contrasting chocoalte with the vanilla ice cream, the flavor never got old to the tongue and disappeared, like so many other flavors do with repetition.

However, on the negative side, it's over soft-serve ice cream and the process of dipping melts the outer layer of ice cream under the coating. With the coating there, it's not possible to lick up the melting ice cream, so the only place it has to go is down, over the outside of the cone and your hand. Your only hope of no huge mess is a very quick and busy tongue, taking about 4 mop-up shlurping licks to every tiny bite off the top. The cone gets soggy quickly, not exactly my ideal. And the whole feat is best not attempted while driving.

Oops, too late.

What's really fun is when the chocolate coating finally gives way in the bottom ring and breaks into two pieces. One over-large one is in your mouth, curving up and decorating your nose or cheek, depending on which way it broke. The other is in your hand - if you're quick enough - and everything is busy dripping. Again, best not attempted while driving, or if you care about the appearance of your clothes.

Oops, too late.

But, yummmmm!

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