Sunday, June 6, 2010

List of Lists

I need to make a bunch of lists. Time suddenly is getting very short. I just finished the what-to-pack-for-camping list. But that was easy. Now I need to sit down and figure out all the rest of the lists of what needs to get done before we leave in OMG! THREE WEEKS!

First, Jordan leaves before I do, to summer camp before heading to SE Asia. The trust is going to be turned over to her before we part the last time, which is looking like this next weekend. First, there's the list of information I need on paperwork and fees (!!) before turning it over, or I wind up paying those fees myself and not the trust.

Then I offered her a suitcase to use and scads of paperwork printouts on flight information, etc. That's list #2.

There's my niece's impending delivery, and the desire to run down there with my daughter and a bunch of stuff for the baby, including old Rosa family stuff, so there's the collecting and coordinating of that. Complicating things is her cell number no longer is her number, so I need a new one.

There's the list of what needs to be in and done for the RV before we go, and that needs to be done with my son and notepad and pen, going through each drawer and cupboard and every bit of memory and imagination we can bring to the task.

Then there's the list of what needs to be done for my dad that I need to prepare for my brother for his two-week stint here. Oh yeah, and the dog and cat and houseplants and yard and.....

Then there's my list of what to print out for the itinerary and detail maps for the trip itself. I bookmarked everything way back but if my computer crashes.... HELP!!!!!

Then there's the actual packing, which needs its own separate list of what needs to be done before packing, like finding stuff, and charging up batteries, and last-second removing from the car, and making sure all the lists are made and read and folowed through on and.....


Thank goodness supper is ready and I can quit worrying for the moment now.

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