Saturday, April 15, 2017

Getting Rid of Trump

Historically, assassination has been the way to get rid of leaders whom you have decided have got to go, when there seems no other way to accomplish the task. We tried to get rid of Castro that way, Iraq tried to get rid of Daddy Bush. Whether it's for idiological reasons, or a power play so you can take over, it's been a tactic throughout history.

It's tempting to at least think of somebody going for it with Trump, say, before he creates a total catastrophe. But recent reports  in the news suggest there's no need to actively assassinate Trump. Just let him continue spending his weekends down at Mara Lago, eating his wonderful chocolate cake and whatever else from their filthy kitchen. That'll do it for ya! We just have to be careful his kitchen doesn't kill off some other world leader and start the catastrophe we'd like to avoid.

As a side note, one of our local news stations has a weekly feature called "Dirty Dining", where they inform us of which restaurants around the valley get the most - and best - ratings for health violations. But even their worst kitchens only get half or fewer of the violations Mara Lago got.


So I guess that when Trump brags that whatever he's got is the biggest, the best, the most, this is one time we can believe him. That list of code violations in Mara Lago's kitchen is  HUGE! HUGE!

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